What are Period Pants?

Last year I discovered period pants and I bloody LOVE THEM.

I don’t mean those ugly pants we all keep for our ‘time of the month’ that are super comfy and already ruined from period leaks.  I mean actual Pants. For. Your. Period. 

What is she talking about?

These are reusable, eco friendly (did you know 2 million menstrual products are flushed per year in the UK?), cost effective and stop you having that awful feeling when you need to change your tampon but aren’t near a toilet.

You can wear these pants with confidence and bleed straight into them without fear of leaks or needing to use other sanitary products.

There are quite a few brands available to purchase but no one seems to talk about them! Why are we so afraid to discuss periods and menstrual products?

Do they work?

The brand I use is Modibodi. So I’m going to recommend these specifically as it’s the only brand that I have first hand experience with.

At first I was nervous, I didn’t think that a pair of pants (and they really do look like a pair of totally normal pants, not a nappy, not ugly, just regular pants) would have dealt with my heaviest period and been leak fee – BUT THEY WERE! These pants really do work.

Can I wear them for everything I need to do?

The simple answer is  – YES!

Modibodi pants come in a wide range of sizes, plenty of styles and they even do swimwear. You can workout in them, you can sleep in them, you can do anything and everything that you want, I even wear mine for ice skating where I’m being lifted up and thrown around by my skate partner.

What about night time?

They are so absorbent that you don’t even feel dampness when you wake up in the morning. They can hold 20ml of liquid and are also suitable for heavy discharge or bladder leaks.

Is it gross to wash them?

Nope. All of the liquid is inside of the pants, like magic. Washing them really couldn’t be easier – I rinse mine under the tap before throwing them in the washing machine but you can just put them straight in to wash if you want.

The Verdict

I can’t recommend these enough. I literally urge you to buy a pair and I’m 99.9% confident that you will become a period pants convert, just like me and you’ll be helping your the environment and you bank balance in the long term.


This is an Affiliate post, all views are entirely my own.

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