My Skims Top 5 Picks

What are Skims?

If you haven’t heard of Skims before it’s Kim K’s range of “Shape enhancing, solution focused underwear, shapewear and loungewear.”


I’m obsessed with Skims. In my opinion, Kim Kardashian hit the nail on the head when she came up with this brand. It’s definitely the most comfortable shapewear that I’ve ever worn. I was a big fan of Spanx and still am, but for me Skims just has the edge over Spanx thanks to the wide range of styles, collections, the huge choice of colours to suit all skin tones and the range of sizes is fab too.

The only downside is that Skims is a bit more expensive but having said that I definitely get my money’s worth per wear.


I live in Skims because the bodysuits can be worn as underwear or outerwear, their shorts and knickers don’t roll at the waist or ride up on your thighs and you can breathe comfortably and eat in them too. They do their job and let you live your life, which is a bonus when it comes to smoothing or control garments.

The bras are so comfy that I’m not dying to whip them off at the end of the day and the loungewear is cosy beyond belief. It almost looks like you’ve actually bothered to get dressed in real clothes when it’s just stylish PJ’s. Despite being super sensible and comfy, it also looks quite sexy so Skims ticks all of the boxes for me.

I love it all but if you are looking to invest in something from Skims, here are my Top 5 Picks:

Cozy Knit Pant

Essential Crew neck Long Sleeve Body Suit

Seamless Sculpt Low Back Body Suit Mid Thigh

Sculpting Bra

Cosy Knit Short Robe


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