My Small Business Project with Virgo Seven


RV x V7 Positive Slogan Capsule Collection

These are difficult times for small businesses and independent brands. I’ve committed to trying to use my online platform to support some of these businesses, so for my first small business support project I’m happy to announce that I’m working with, Virgo Seven on The RV X V7 Positive Slogan Capsule Collection of sweaters.

It’s a limited edition capsule collection of 7 different positive slogan sweaters in a neutral colour palette that I love.

I will be living in these!


Virgo Seven is predominantly a womenswear brand, but I wanted this capsule to be TOTALLY INCLUSIVE so the RV x V7 sweaters are for EVERYBODY. They’re a slightly oversized fit and ultra comfy.

Sizing goes from S (8-10) – XXL (20-22) and each sweater is lovingly hand printed.

Priced at £40.00 each, you can pre order yours here now.

Why Virgo Seven?

I’ve worn Virgo Seven sweaters and T-shirts for years. I’ve always been impressed by the quality and love their slogans. Rachael, the owner of Virgo Seven, was running the brand as a side hustle alongside her full time job, but like so many people when COVID hit, she lost her full time job and her regular income.

Rachael turned that negative into a positive by putting all of her efforts into Virgo Seven. I was so keen to help promote and support her with this RV x V7 capsule collection.

Rachael is hard working, creative and very cool. She hand prints all of her Virgo Seven slogan tops from home, uses responsibly sourced garments and is Leicester based, so who better for me to work with on my first small business support project than a Leicester based brand!

The RV x V7 Slogans

Rachael and I worked together to come up with some fun, positive slogans that mean something to me, and I hope you guys love them! The slogans are;

This is Me
Shine Bright
Sugar & Spice

About Virgo Seven

“Virgo Seven is an independent female and black owned business which I established in 2014. Virgo Seven stands for female empowerment, I sell womenswear and lifestyle products for the millennial woman who seek to feel empowered in their everyday lives and I’m over the moon that Rebekah has supported us on the RV x V7 Positive Slogan Capsule Collection. I see Rebekah as supportive, positive and sassy, so she truly encompasses everything that this capsule collection is about.”Rachael Boye, Owner, Virgo Seven

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About Rebekah

Rebekah Vardy is a Mum to 5 children who range in age from a 1 year old through to an almost 16 year old. She is married to footballer, Jamie Vardy, and the couple enjoy a quiet life in the countryside along with their children, dogs and chickens.


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