Let’s Face the Music & Dance

It’s Musical’s Week on Dancing on Ice!

Andy and I are skating to the Frank Sinatra version of Let’s Face the Music & Dance

I know the song, but I didn’t know that it was from a musical so had to do my research. Let’s Face the Music & Dance is from Follow the Fleet which starred Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers and was first released in 1936, so just a little bit before my time!

Training Hard

After our week one skate, the judges gave us some really helpful critique. All of their comments gave us a really clear idea of what we needed to work on. We’ve been training hard over the last 2 weeks with their comments in mind.

Primarily, I needed to improve my performance levels and facial expressions. I’ve never ever had a single dance lesson, so performing doesn’t come naturally to me at all. Things like; arm lines, finger positions, head tilts, playing a character and jazz hands are not in my DNA! But I am determined to learn those things and am working non stop on them. I’m even cooking the dinner at home whilst practising my faces and hands!

Andy films our practises so he can point out my terrible hand positions to me and also show me what I’m doing right. I’ve spent a lot of time watching footage of different styles of dance to try and pick up tips. Whilst I haven’t become a trained dancer in the space of two weeks, I’ve worked hard to up my performance skills and feel more confident about the dance aspect of our routine. It’s something that I can keep improving on with experience too.

I really hope that our efforts have paid off and that you guys love our performance on Sunday enough to want to vote for us.

You get 5 free votes on the official Dancing on Ice App and have to be ready to vote as soon as everyone has skated!

The Girls

I was sad to see Myleene leave the show last Sunday, she’s a wonderful woman and devoted Mum, who also happens to be unbelievably talented. I’ve missed seeing her at the studio this weekend and so glad to have got to know her. Hopefully she can give me a piano lesson sometime in the not too distant future!

Another person I’ve really missed is Denise. She is a force of nature, an absolute grafter and a total professional. Denise has the best sense of humour and dirtiest laugh, she encouraged me endlessly and has continued to do so since leaving the show. I’m eternally gratefully for the confidence boost she has given me and will never forget her kindness.

A huge welcome to Amy Tinkler. Amy has been training for as long as the rest of us, so I’ve had the chance to meet her a few times already and she is lovely, as is her pro skate partner, Joe.  Amy and I have messaged one another with updates and encouragement quite a lot over the past few weeks. I really respect her for speaking out about her experiences in gymnastics. She’s super sweet and I know she will smash it!

Dancing on Ice – ITV1 – 6pm – Sunday

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