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Jamie and I are both very proud to have an ongoing relationship with a charitable effort called Footballers4Change. There are lots of aspects that we love about their approach to fundraising and I wanted to help spread the word.

If you haven’t heard of their efforts before, here is some more info directly from Anoesjcka, the Founder of Footballers4Change.

Footballers4Change is a unique online platform offering pre-loved items gifted by iconic footballers and their families. Items range from kit and training gear to designer wear and children’s clothing in a drive to promote sustainability and benefit good causes. Proceeds go to charities nominated by each player and their family.

Our mission

By harnessing the reach and power of football, the generosity of the players and their families and the devotion of the fans, we are able to add value to every gifted item by attaching a hero’s story to it. Not only are we proud to promote sustainability by dramatically extending the life of clothing, we are also generating awareness and funds for our players’ chosen charities and causes. By inviting a global fanbase to be the next chapter in the stories of so many extraordinary pieces of kit and clothing, we can cross borders, remove barriers and drive meaningful, positive change. It’s a united effort and a growing force for good. Anoesjcka, Founder, Footballers4Change

As a family we have donated lots of items ranging from signed shirts and boots through to our own clothes and our children’s clothes.  Last year we raised funds for the NHS and this year we will be raising money for two of our local charities – Grantham Poverty Concern and Don’t Lose Hope.

If you would like to bid on our items or any of the other families who have donated then simply visit Footballers4Change




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