Big Knickers – Yes or No?


Big Knickers – Is it a Yes or No for you?

It’s definitely a big “yes” from me. I love big knickers for lounging round the house in and sleeping in, so the bigger the better as far as I’m concerned!

Who wants a thong bothering their bits whilst they’re trying to relax? Definitely not me, give me big knickers for my Netflix & Chill time.

When it comes to big knickers, you don’t have to have a washed out pair that you don’t want anyone to see and feel like Bridget Jones when Daniel Cleaver discovered hers! If you get the right pair, they can be very flattering and actually quite sexy.

You can get some super cute pants or matching sets like the blue set i’m wearing in this picture. It’s from PLT, I don’t actually own it myself but a stylist bought it to a photoshoot for me to wear. It was super comfy, I felt great in it and loved the colour and the ribbed fabric. It’s got a really wide waistband and the elastic is stretchy enough that it didn’t cut into my skin.

I’ve got several pairs of big knickers at home from all different brands so I’ve listed my 7 favourite pairs of big knickers below so you can check them out and lounge in comfort if you want to!


(click to view: Pretty Little Thing)


Skims Fits everybody cheeky brief

Skims high rise ribbed stretch cotton brief

Skims ribbed stretch woven brief

Organic Basics invisible high rise nylon blend briefs

Calvin Klein modern cotton high rise stretch jersey briefs

Fantasie Smooth Ease full brief


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